Emily's Guide to Bicycle Maintenance.


     As webmaster for CATS, I have received many e-mails over the years from this site.  All people looking to expand their knowledge somehow into the wonderful world of biking.  In the early years I really enjoyed using my ability to create a website and my love of tandeming to help others find their way.  Although not a lot of information, it has been things that I found useful at the time and thought I would share.  The website was for our club, just some tidbits to help them somehow.  Occasionally someone from the outside world would ask a question. Some times it was exhilarating to feel like I was making a difference and helpful.  Other times it felt like I was someone's personal information finder and the person wanted me to provide them with a lot of leg work that they could find themselves on the internet.  As web sites became more sophisticated and this was only a hobby, I did not keep up with the sophistication of the site.  I also became a bit more jaded over time.  Most of the time one feels like one is just shouting into the big Abyss.  I never was really expecting the Abyss to yell at me back in this manner, but it did.  And it was wonderful.

        I received an e-mail from a Mom today about her daughter enjoying the joy of biking as she recently learned how to ride.  I want to share this with you.


Good Morning,

My name is Rachel XXXXX, and I just wanted to let you know how much my daughter Emily enjoyed your page, http://chicagotandems.com/links.htm . She just recently learned to ride a bicycle at the end of the summer, and has been really hooked on it since! Her birthday was over the weekend, and we finally got her her own, as she'd been learning on a bike we borrowed from my sister's kids who are a few years older. Needless to say she was ecstatic!

Emily has been spending her computer/free time reading about biking safety, tips, and upkeep- And that is how she came across your page- She called me over quite a few times to point out things she was learning, and I mentioned that it might be nice to send you a quick thank you note- Emily thought that it'd be great to share another article about basic bike maintenance, https://centralparkbikerental.nyc/rentals/beginners-guide-to-bicycle-maintenance- as well! I thought it was a neat article, and was hoping you'd be able to include it on your page? I'd love to show her that she could contribute another helpful biking article- she'd be thrilled!

I'm proud of her for being so proactive about learning more about safety and upkeep for her new bike! Thanks again for providing such cool and helpful resources for bike enthusiasts new and old! Hope you enjoy the article Emily wanted to share, and if you end up being able to include it, please let me know so I can tell her! Have a great day and hope to speak again soon!

Best Wishes,

Rachel XXXXX


     Let that wash over you and sink in.  The joy of accomplishment of riding a bike for the first time.  The new freedom at such an age that has been given to her.  The desire for knowledge to find any bit of information that can be gleaned on a topic that excites her.  The joy of finding some information on one's own and happiness to want to share it with the world.  A mother recognizing the amazement that has just occurred.  A mother who cares.  A mother who recognizes the interconnectivity of us all.  A mother and daughter who has moved me greatly.

     Welcome to the bicycle club of life Emily.  To have the wind and sun on your face. May you keep the joy of the bicycle all the days of your life.


Sam W.