October 5, 6 & 7   2018


     The added P above stands for PEORIA, IL and that is where the Prairie State Tandem Rally will next find itself.  After our initial driving of the routes, we think you'll forget about central Illinois being only about corn and soybean fields.

     Our host hotel will be the Hampton Inn & Suites, located on the far west edge of Peoria, next to the Orange Prairie Shopping Center.  This allows us easy access to the country roads.  Another advantage of the area is that there are plenty of dining opportunities. Based on who attends, everyone should find something to fit their taste, OR maybe we can all agree to go somewhere together.  That will be determined later.

     At this point we have planned routes for Saturday October 6, 2018 of 34, 52 and 61 miles, and on Sunday October 7 of 28 miles.  The Saturday routes will visit Princeville, IL., then Brimfield, IL before heading back to the hotel.  The short route will go to Princeville and return. The short route can also be shortened to 28 miles on Saturday by riders using the Rock Island Trail, which is a Rails-to-Trails route on crushed limestone.   Sunday's route will be a circle out and back, but we'll manage to visit Pottstown enroute.  Check bottom of page for route maps.

     PPSTR will be October 5, 6, & 7  2018.  Members of CATS registration fee is covered by your CAT's membership dues.  NON members of CATS are welcome to come and join us by becoming members. To become members, go to the CATS website, or just follow this link and download the membership form and mail back your check and form. The fee is $20.00 for your primary team of 2 and $3.00 for any additional household members.  Currently I have no plans for a Friday ride since I feel most of you will be coming in late afternoon or early evening, but if there is interest in some sort of a ride on Friday , I'll put one together. 

     Here is the needed info:

                                             Hotel --  The Hampton Inn & Suites 
                                                            7806 N. IL RTE. #91
                                                            Peoria, IL 61615

                                     Telephone --  309-589-0001

                                                           12 rooms held under PSTR name

                                                            Room Rate is $132.00 for a double

                                                            Bikes can be kept in the rooms UNLESS it rains

                                                            Hot Breakfast is provided and we have a late check out time on Sunday

     You are responsible for calling in your own reservation, and we have a cut off date of September 5, 2018 after which the rooms not booked will be released back to the hotel. Rate after the cut off date is $159.00.  If you would need a suite instead of a double, contact Halee Kennedy in sales at the above number.

     Please RSVP to me at tandemtom302@comcast.net when you make your reservation so I know who and how many are planning on attending


Tom Masters



Routes by Ride with GPS

Saturday 52 Mile Route

Saturday 61 Mile Route

Saturday 34 Mile Route

Sunday 28 Mile Route