APRIL 07 2018


The 2018 Budget and October 2017 Meeting Minutes will be posted to the web site, for your review.  We will be answering any questions at the meeting.
If you already have a date and ride description for a ride you would like to lead, you can send that information to Sam before the meeting.  It is easier for Sam to post rides to the web site a few at a time.  We will be formally requesting ride information at the meeting, as usual.
We will be sending an official membership roster after the meeting.  If you haven't paid your yearly dues, please remember to do that.  You can print out a renewal form and send it along with a check to Mary Jane.  



Please RSVP if you plan to attend the Annual CATS meeting on April 7th at 2pm at Lake Hinsdale Village Club House in Willowbrook, IL.  
Pizza, soda and wine will be provided. You are welcome to bring your own beverage.  
Members with the last name A-H please bring a salad or side dish to share.  
Members with the last name J-W please bring a dessert to share.  
If your food needs serving utensils you need to bring them with you.  
RSVP to  or 630-789-8181.

When you RSVP please tell us what your favorite pizza is.  
Cheese;  Spinach and Cheese; 
 Super Veggie;  Sausage with mushroms, 
green pepper and onion;  Pepperoni with mushroom, 
onions and green pepper;  Pepperoni and Cheese; or Gluten free Pepperoni.



How-to Dues Information:

To find the form go to:
click on:
join CATS
click on:
Membership Form pdf
then you can print out the form and mail it with a check to Mary Jane (her address is on the form)


Meeting Information:

2:00 p.m. Arrival Time

2:20 p.m. Meeting Starts

4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Eats & Social Time

location:  Lake Hinsdale Village Club House in Willowbrook, IL.

RSVP to  or 630-789-8181.