The Dust Off Your Old Tandem Ride       

August 18, 2018



Start:    3:30 PM

Bill & Karrie McDermott’s House

801 Ellen Way

Libertyville, IL  60048




15 miles from McDermott’s house north on the Des Plaines River Trail to the park just shy of the WI border. 

Same trail out and back..  We love it. No cars.  Beautiful ride in the woods and meadows, along the river. 

***NOTE***  This is a crushed limestone trail.  It’s fine.  I ride my single road bike on it with no worries.  However, we only take our old tandem on it.  Really the only concern is getting dust in your chain..  Your call on whether it’s a big deal or not.  The trail itself is well maintained and a safe ride.  It’s not squirrely or squishy.

After arriving at the far end, we will open the hatch on the pre-stashed truck and see what we find in the cooler before turning around and heading back.

15 miles return the same way to McDermott’s.


Grilling and libations on the McDermott’s patio to follow.  Bring something to put on the grill and into a cup.


No cue sheet needed.  Only one turn and it’s 180 degrees.  Gotta love that.  J   847-736-1125  847-224-4249